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Leading Beef Improvement

Welcome to Rissington Cattle, a proud family owned and operated bull breeding business. Living off and caring for our people, our land, our animals and the environment we live and work in has been a passion for our family since 1882.

Unique collaboration and partnering model

Identifying the best animals earlier

Multiply the best genetics faster

Benchmarking our cattle internationally

Who We Are

Rissington Cattle Company is a family owned and operated beef improvement business based in Rissington, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. For six generations we have lived and worked in this community taking a long-term approach to the land and environment where we operate.


We have a unique partnering programme with our contract beef and dairy customers, providing them with price and specification certainty up to 2 years out which also supports our ongoing investment in genetic gain. We take this same long-term approach to our beef breeding programmes dedicated to sustainable and profitable beef production for our farmer partners and customers.


We comprehensively measure the inputs and outputs of our cattle and utilise advanced genetic testing to identify and produce the very best natural service and artificial insemination (AI) bulls available for our beef and dairy farmer partners. Long term collaboration with local and international people and businesses is a critical part of who we are and how we remain competitive in a global beef supply chain. Many of these relationships span more than 20 years and some nearly 50 years, and often across generations. To have good partners, you need to be a good partner.

Farm Landscape

What We Do

Beef on Beef


We are a proud, passionate 5th generation family beef cattle business that respects tradition but doesn’t shy away from challenging status quo.

When it comes to beef program, we have simple goals we adhere too.

  • You cannot manage what you don’t measure.

  • Raise the best beef cattle possible.

  • Use the best technology to make them better.

  • Reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Build sustainable profitable systems for future generations.

Beef on Dairy


Dairy farmers, get ready for a revolution in beef genetics! The latest breakthroughs in beef on dairy genetics with AI and natural service bulls are set to transform the NZ beef industry. With improved breeding techniques, farmers can now reliably produce high-quality beef from their dairy herds, competitive for land use,  boosting profits and reducing waste. Don't miss this game-changing opportunity to take your dairy or beef finishing business to the next level.

What People Say

"We are proud to have our genetics represented in New Zealand by Rissington. You will not find better people or more passionate, dedicated breeders anywhere in the world."

Lee Leachman

Leachman Cattle

“Rissington Cattle Company has changed the game for us. Their advanced genetic testing has allowed us to produce more profitable cattle than ever before.”

Tom Lawson

Paringa Livestock

“I highly recommend Rissington Cattle Company. Their experienced advisors provide invaluable support throughout the entire breeding process.”

Lindsay Dempster


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