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This is an incredible new tool that instantly allows our customers to leverage all the data we’ve collected over the decades along with that of the entire Leachman global group.

This means that through a simple DNA test you can tap into genetic insights on your heifers or cows to assess their future profitability before you invest in them and allow them to produce progeny including future replacements. This includes nearly 29,000 feed intake records and other costly traits to measure. The investment has an ongoing and cumulative return as each selected generation will be repsonsible for producing the next generation. Historical selection methods based on eye appraisal and weight have often penalised the younger latest genetics due simply to the ability of older cows to have bigger calves and milk more. This genetic lag gets built in between your bull selections and influence on your herd. Now with DNA you can quickly and effectively assess the characteristcs inherited from both the sire and dam. You can assign sire and dam in time (once your cow herd has been all tested) plus get a breakdown of the breed makeup which is important to understand the retained hybrid vigour in crossbred herds. Not only will you better assess your own replacements but over time this should provide the ability to sell surplus high merit females for a premium based on the actual relative merit to other females or taking the risk of buying unidentified animals.

The test results will all be avaiable on the Zoetis web portal called SearchPoint which will allow you to sort your tested cattle, see up to date information and upload data files to your scale head to allow for easy sorting in the yards.

Genomic (DNA) selection of beef cattle is rapidly changing the landscape in NZ - Presentation from 30th Yearling Sale 2022

For an order form get in contact with us or your local Zoetis representative. The order form provides permission for Zoetis to share your information with us and for us to continue to update the information on your bulls too all together enabling discussions on future breeding decsions to ultimately drive your production of better more profitable beef cattle.