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Since 2010 in partnership with Animal Breeding Services at Te Awamutu we have been producing customised breeding bulls using advanced breeding technologies, TVR (trans-vaginal recovery), IVP (in vitro production) and Sexed Semen.

This is the fastest growing part of our business. These technologies are also being used widely by the likes of LIC (Livestock Improvement) to accelerate genetic gain in the dairy industry. The increased selection pressure by using elite donor cows from the top of our herd mated to the best available bulls available globally allows us also to drive genetic gain faster than breeding cows naturally for customers.

These technologies allow us to produce as many bulls annually from the top 1% of females in our herd on $Profit, sired by the best available sires globally, whilst the females still have their own calf naturally.

We have been producing our own sires and bulls for commercial customers since 2010 from this program.

The benefits

  • Equal Access to the very best females in our herd
  • Bulls bred to specifically meet your breeding objective
  • Accelerated Genetic Gain
  • Fixed pricing