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2 Year Old Bulls Sale 2020 – Private Treaty – Available now for delivery May/June

We have been turning the generations faster than any other seedstock bull provider in NZ with more AI and embryo transfer (ET). After 5 years of selection for feed efficiency and this year using DNA/genomics to nearly double the accuracy of our $Profit® index predictions our bulls are guaranteed to deliver more profitability. Without any exaggeration this is a game changer bigger than the introduction of EBVs in the 1980s to enable us to add more value to your herds.

Our bulls will deliver replacement females that eat 10% less for the same amount of performance in the first generation – that’s a lot of money over the life of a cow and will pay for your annual bull replacements!

Angus Bull List and Photographs

Profit Maker® Bull List and Photographs

Viewing available at Level 2 but our Sight Unseen Programme has worked successfully for those who are unable to visit or select their bull themselves.

Ring Daniel 021 989 067 or Jeremy 021 928 886. We will match the right bull for your requirements and deliver with your satisfaction guaranteed. We sell over half our bulls this way.