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The Rissington prefix is synonymous with the breed since its introduction into NZ in the early 1970’s.

Simmental is among the oldest and most widely distributed of all breeds globally with over 40 million cattle. Only a small proportion of any generation is truly genetically superior. The larger the population base, the greater the potential for selection of superior individuals. Our herd through widespread adoption of AI & embryo transfer of the elite animals since the 1970’s has allowed us to produce breeding performance you can rely on. The herd is polled, and made up of both traditional coloured, red and black females. All cattle are recorded on Breedplan as well as the Leachman multibreed analysis which contains over a million animals. It’s very rewarding to see our Simmental bulls have performed at the very top of the BLG Progeny Test against the best bulls from USA, Australia and NZ, from Angus, Hereford, Charolais & Simmental.


Rissington Beacon AF182

There is no bull the Simmental database that can touch the sire, and every data run he just seems to improve.  He is a black non-diluter sire that is leaving a tremendous progeny that deliver on all counts. He ranks below average birth and yet ranks in the top 1% of the breed for weaning and yearling weight, carcass weight and Eye Muscle Area. Just to top it off he ranks in the top 5% for Marbling! No surprise here with $Profit of $24,682 (top 1%) on Leachman Global Across Breed Analysis. More info »


Kerrah D859

This proven polled sire we sourced semen from Gold Creek for use in our 2020-21 AI program. His pedigree stacks Tokaweka Handsome & AW63 who are two well proven sires to deliver growth, carcass weight and EMA. Look to his sons from New Standard & Captain daughters to deliver all the grunt and carcass you dream of. More info »


CDI Secret Agent 407C

This homozygous polled sire will be used in both our Simmental herd and our composite program to generate hybrids. He has unique Simmental proofs in US with outstanding calve ease and is loaded with muscle in moderate package. Another great sire identified by $Profit. More info »


Kerrah Humdinger H448

Homozygous polled sire that has Rissington prefix on both sides of his pedigree. He is sired by Glenside Crumpy who has performed very well in B&L progeny testing which is now coincidence given he is by New Standard. Visually he is built like a brick and very hard to fault with a teddy bear temperament. More info »


Rissington Delegate Q184

Homozygous polled, sired by Hooks Delegate. Delegate delivered the performance and outcross genetics we sort for our Simmental program, and this was one of his top sons. He expresses a lot of muscle and style with a great quiet temperament. Top 1% $Profit & $Feeder based on Leachman multi breed indexes tells this bull ranks at the top end globally not matter what the breed.. More info »


Rissington Delegate Q162

Scurred son of Hooks Delegate. This bull is top 1% $Profit at $20,102 & also sits in top 1% for $Feeder, which measures profit from weaning to slaughter. It feed conversion, carcass value & carcass weight, everything you want in a terminal sire. He combines two high impact NZ sire on the maternal side in Rissington New Standard & Waikite AW63. More info »


Rissington New Standard AU158

New Standard has taken the Simmental breed to the next level in Australasian database with big time calving ease to growth spread. Added to this he is carcass weight trait leader so if you are looking for progeny to kill before the second winter look no further than one of his sons. If you thought that was as good as gets, there’s more as he ranks at the very top of the breed for marbling also. He was part of cohort one in the BLG Progeny Test where he rose to the top of 50 sires sampled from NZ, Australia & the USA. Semen available. More info »