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The Rissington prefix is synonymous with the breed since its introduction into NZ in the early 1970’s.

Simmental is among the oldest and most widely distributed of all breeds globally with over 40 million cattle. Only a small proportion of any generation is truly genetically superior. The larger the population base, the greater the potential for selection of superior individuals. Our herd through widespread adoption of AI & embryo transfer of the elite animals since the 1970’s has allowed us to produce breeding performance you can rely on. The herd is polled, and made up of both traditional coloured, red and black females. All cattle are recorded on Breedplan as well as the Leachman multibreed analysis which contains over a million animals. It’s very rewarding to see our Simmental bulls have performed at the very top of the BLG Progeny Test against the best bulls from USA, Australia and NZ, from Angus, Hereford, Charolais & Simmental.

Rissington New Standard

Rissington New Standard AU158 (Homozygous Polled)

New Standard has taken the Simmental breed to the next level in Australasian databases with big time calving ease to growth spread. Added to this he is the carcass weight trait leader so if you are looking for progeny to kill before the second winter look no further than one of his sons. If you thought that was as good as it gets, there’s more as he ranks at the very top of the breed for marbling too. He was part of cohort one in the BLG Progeny Test where he rose to the top of 50 sires sampled from NZ, Australia & the USA. Semen available. More info »


Leafland Captain AC1 (Scurred)

We bought Captain in the Leafland bull sale May 2016 for $16,500. He came up in one the many searches we do of the breedplan database. We spend a lot of time trawling the globe for bulls that tick the boxes for inclusion in our program and this bull certainly did that. Of the 2014 calf crop no other bull came close to this guy on either side of the Tasman. We have now weaned his first crop of calves and he hasn’t disappointed that’s for sure! More info »

Kerrah AA456 (Horned)

Kerrah 456 is proven performer in the Leafland Simmental herd with over 100 recorded progeny. He has also been proven through the BLG commercial progeny test. He is a thick, moderate sire with great muscle definition. Although horned, the advantage for us is with polled herd is we can use him over homozygous polled cows and breed polled progeny. More info »

Hooks Delegate 64D (Homozygous Polled, Non-diluter)

Delegate is one of the most exciting red Simmental bulls we have come across in last decade. Leachman purchased him as their pick from 2017 Hooks Bred for Balance sale. His US EPD profile knocks it out of the park with top: 3% Calving Ease, 1% Weaning and Yearling Weight, Carcass Weight, 5% Marbling, 2% Ribeye Area, and 1% for both the Terminal Sire Index & All Purpose Index! More info »