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The Profit Maker breed is a multi-breed composite developed by Leachman Cattle Company.

The breed is based on research done by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at their Animal Research Service (ARS) at the Meat Animal Research Center (MARC), at Clay Center, Nebraska. The breed is a blend of British and Continental inputs including: Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, Gelbvieh and South Devon. The Breed combines the fleshing ability, marbling, and moderate size of the British breeds with the muscle, milk, and growth of the Continental breeds. As a four breed composite, the breed retains 75% of the F1 hybrid vigour and thus allows producers to crossbreed with simplicity.

The MARC (Meat Animal Research Center) started a project in 1973 called the Germ Plasm Utilization (GPU) project. Their research showed several advantages that come from crossbreeding. Most importantly they showed that hybrid vigour has a large impact on beef cattle productivity. The research demonstrated an 8% improvement in weaning weight when a purebred cow is mated to a bull of a different breed. The research also showed that crossbred cows are far more productive than purebred cows. The benefits came in multiple areas including more milk production, better body condition, faster re-breeding, and a longer productive lifetime.

In total, the crossbred cows weaned 23% more weight than did purebred cows.

Historically, crossbreeding requires the use of complicated mating systems to keep the hybrid vigour effect. Scientists designed rotational systems using three breeds. However, such systems were too complicated. Furthermore, they resulted in wide swings in breed composition, and prevented breeders from having a uniform, well adapted herd. As an alternative, the researchers at MARC developed multi-breed composites. Their study confirmed that such composite breeds retain hybrid vigour in proportion to the number of breeds used – using more breeds generates more retention of hybrid vigour. The Profit Maker® (Marc II composite), with four breeds, retains 75% of the F1 hybrid vigour. Thus, breeders can breed composite bulls to composite females and keep most of the available hybrid vigour without the complexity and loss of uniformity associated with crossbreeding.

Since 1995, Rissington has marketed over 3,500 Profit Maker® bulls.

Customers from across New Zealand are successfully utilizing Profit Maker® to improve their bottom line. The breed is polled and either Black or Red in colour and is also popular and growing globally in the USA, Australia, UK, France and in South America.
Our Profit Maker® are fully recorded and part of the Leachman Global Analysis which has over one million recorded animals. One of resident stud sires Rissington Bullseye 135159 has performed at the top end of the BLG Progeny Test against the best Angus & Hereford bulls from USA, Australia and NZ.


Leachman Docs Remedy U683E

After extensive progeny testing in the US, Docs Remedy has come to the forefront of our program at Rissington. These homozygous polled & black sire ticks every box and some. You can’t rise top 0.1% for $Profit & $Ranch without being a complete package. Having inspected him multiple times in the flesh he is impressive from every angle. You will see his sons dominate in 2022 & 2023. He is homozygous polled & homozygous black.


Rissington Advanced P34

Advanced P34 is rose to the top of his year group which was no surprise given his royal pedigree of Advance & Prophet. He’s been used heavily from a yearling and is now a rock solid $25,110 $Profit (top 1%) as a proven sire. He is heterozygous polled & homozygous black.


Leachman Devout X799D

Devout is a homozygous polled, heterozygous black sire that caught our attention at Leachman. He has super calving ease and top end Feed to Gain. We saw his dam on one of many trips to the US on the range at Sam Rempe’s in Kansas. She had recently calved and had a picture-perfect udder and was easy keeping kind of female. He is homozygous polled & heterozygous black.


Dunn’s Easy Journey 031F

Easy Journey is a sire that will enhance the diversity & hybrid vigour of the Profit Maker population with his Gelbvieh genes. Physically, this bull is an attractive package with loads to offer. Homozygous polled & Heterozygous black this bull will generate hybrids to bring the best performing purebred genes from our Angus herd into the Profit Maker.


Rissington Next Chapter Q34

Next Chapter rose to the top of red population in 2019. He performed very well through the Vytelle Sense feed efficiency testing converting at an impressive 5.73kgDM/kg of gain. Sired by outcross sire Next Episode and out beautiful Apollo daughter, he comes loaded with hybrid vigour with this diversity. $25,673 $Profit (top 1%) as a proven sire, he is also homozygous polled.


Leachman First Class W306G

This homozygous polled red bull is loaded where it counts, moderate birth, good growth, elite carcass value, negative Feed to Gain & $24,308 $Profit. Homozygous polled & and is built like dump truck. We like this sire a lot and look to him to take the red program to the next level over the next couple of years. He is also homozygous polled.