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Our Angus herd has been in the family since 1936 when it was founded by Will Masefield at Ellerton, in Kekerengu, Marlborough.

The herd was moved to Rissington in the mid 1990’s and since then has rapidly accelerated the genetic gain through utilizing the best available sires globally through AI, ET and since 2010 TVR, IVP and sexing technologies. The herd has an unmatched balance between calving ease, high growth, feed efficiency, fertility, moderate maturity patterns coupled with the ability to produce high quality, high yielding carcasses. All animals are recorded on Breedplan and on the Leachman multibreed database of over a million animals. This analysis allows us to compare animals and herds accurately and to deliver more profitable commercial cattle. The herd is one of the top performance herds in NZ on Breedplan and on the much larger Leachman database for $Profit. Recently a number of our sires have performed at the top of the BLG Progeny Test against the best Angus bulls from USA, Australia and NZ.


GAR Sure Fire

Sure Fire is a proven high $Profit, $21,550(top 1%) sire out of the Gardner Angus program in Kansas. He is the premier calving ease and carcass sire in the breed. With over 4,000 recorded progeny and 149 actual progeny carcass records in the US this proven sire will add substantial carcass premiums. Use his sons with confidence his IMF EBV on breedplan does not currently reflect his proven ability as breedplan data is based only on ultrasound scanning, whereas, his US data where he ranks in the top 1% for IMF with substantially more progeny records. More info »

Angus TCA Visionary Herd Sire

TCA Visionary 158

Visionary is the proven high $Profit $16,921, highly feed efficient Angus out of the Leachman program. Seldom do bulls come along where they have the ability to strengthen every economic trait like Visionary. He is a proven calving ease sire, who maintains growth and carcass merit whilst being a genuine outlier for feed efficiency breeding values. More info »

KCF Bennett Automatic A348

Automatic is a son of carcass legend GAR Progress with less birth and more growth than his sire. He was Leachman’s pick of the 2014 Knoll Crest Sale. His US data makes excellent reading across the board, top 1% CED, 3% BW, 40% YW, 15% Docility, 5% Milk, 1% Marbling, 15% REA and top 1% Leachman $Profit. No surprise his first sons were popular in spring 2017. More info »

Paringa Judd J5

I first inspected Judd as young calf on his mother at Tom & Olivia Lawson’s in Australia. His dam Tom had purchased from the Strathlewen dispersal, with Judd at foot. It proved to be an astute purchase as Judd went on to sell as yearling for $36,000. We didn’t use him initially wanting to see a proof on his progeny. His sons have proven to be very sort after in Australia and he has over 1400 progeny in 38 herds. Trait Leader for Milk, Days to Calving (fertility), Carcass Weight, EMA and top 1% SRI$ & API$. More info »